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High School Administrative Staff

Tarik Khoury No Picture
High School Principal
Email: TKhoury@my.atafordpas.org

Mrs. T. GailliardNo Photo
High School Administrative Assistant
Email: tgailliard@my.atafordpas.org

Josh CookNo Photo
High School Dean
Email: jcook@my.atafordpas.org

Mr. Chris SchultzNo Photo
Athletic Director and Assistant Dean
Email: cschultz@my.atafordpas.org

Tim Johnson Tim Johnson
Special Education Coordinator
K-5 Elementary Special Education Teacher
-BA in Secondary Education-Eastern Michigan University
-MA in Humanities-Central Michigan University
-Michigan Professional Teaching Certificate-
-Emotional Impairment K-12 (SE); English 6-12 (BA)

Main Office and Interpreters

Kristina Serratos No Photo
Main Office Administrative Assistant and Enrollment Assistant
Email: kserratos@my.atafordpas.org

Renee Newton No Photo
Main Office Administrative Assistant and Arabic Interpreter
Email: arabic@my.atafordpas.org

Diamond Campos No Photo
Main Office Administrative Assistant and Spanish Interpreter
Email: spanish@my.atafordpas.org

Social Workers

Ms. Z. Al-HowaishyNo Photo
Social Worker Grades 6 -12
Email: zalhowaishy@my.atafordpas.org

Stephaine I WilliamsNo Photo
Social Worker Grades 9 -12 and Special ED
Email: swilliams@my.atafordpas.org
-MSW in Social Work-Wayne State University


Ms. L. Owens No Photo
Counselor Grades 6 - 9
Email: lowens@my.atafordpas.org
Counselors Corner

Ms. L. HollidayNo Photo
Counselor Grades 10 - 13
Email: lholliday@my.atafordpas.org
Counselors Corner

Henry Ford Health System On ATA Campus

Angela Frazier Angela Frazier
School Nurse

Dance Coach

Tyra Martin Tyra Martin
Dance Coach


Barbara Lawson Barbara Lawson
K-12 Visual Arts/K-12
-BA in K-12 Visual Arts / M.Ed. Reading Specialist - Marygrove College
-Michigan Professional Teaching Certification -Visual Arts Education (LQ) K-12
-Reading Specialist (BR) K-12.

Business Law

Mr. O. ThomasNo Photo
Business Law
Email: othomas@my.atafordpas.org

College Adviser

Ms. E. PerezNo Photo
College Adviser
Email: eperez@my.atafordpas.org

Computer Science

Mr. E. RichardsonNo Photo
Computer Science
Email: erichardson@my.atafordpas.org

ELL Department

Mrs. S. Bowman No Photo
Email: sbowman@my.atafordpas.org

Ms. Balgenorth No Photo
Email: abalgenorth@my.atafordpas.org

English Language Arts

Robin Ritchea No Photo
ELA - Ninth Grade
Email: rritchea@my.atafordpas.org
-MAT in Secondary Education - Wayne State, BA in English - Bethany College
-Michigan Professional Teaching Certification - English 6-12 and Speech 6-12

Ms. K. MeeksNo Photo
English Language Arts -ELA
Email: kmeeks@my.atafordpas.org

Mrs. C. NicolettiNo Photo
English Language Arts -ELA
Email: cnicoletti@my.atafordpas.org

Ms. C. FarmerNo Photo
English Language Arts -ELA
Email: cfarmer@my.atafordpas.org

Mrs. A. WhiteNo Photo
English Language Arts -ELA
Email: awhite@my.atafordpas.org

Mx. B. KoffronNo Photo
English Language Arts -ELA
Email: bkoffron@my.atafordpas.org

Health and Physical Education


Ms. J. AmeyNo Photo
Email: jamey@my.atafordpas.org

Mr. O. KayedNo Photo
Email: okayed@my.atafordpas.org

Ms. A. WilliamsNo Photo
Email: awilliams@my.atafordpas.org

Mrs. S. RobinsonNo Photo
Email: srobinson@my.atafordpas.org

Physics and Engineering

Ms. M.J. FergusonNo Photo
Physics and Engineering
Email: mferguson@my.atafordpas.org

SAT Prep

Mrs. D. JohnsonNo Photo
Email: djohnson@my.atafordpas.org

Seminar College Success

Mrs. S. BowmanNo Photo
Seminar College Success
Email: sbowman@my.atafordpas.org

Senior Advisor

Mrs. M. RingNo Photo
Senior Advisor
Email: mring@my.atafordpas.org


Mr. W. BradenNo Photo
Email: wbraden@my.atafordpas.org

Mr. J.NelsonNo Photo
Email: jnelson@my.atafordpas.org

Ms. B. ShafferNo Photo
Email: bshaffer@my.atafordpas.org

Social Studies

Mr. S. GracikNo Photo
Social Studies
Email: sgracik@my.atafordpas.org

Mr. J. McDonaldNo Photo
Social Studies
Email: jmcdonald@my.atafordpas.org

Ms. J. EatonNo Photo
Social Studies
Email: jeaton@my.atafordpas.org


Ms. S. BeltramoNo Photo
Email: sbeltramo@my.atafordpas.org

Ms. R. VelsaquezNo Photo
Email: rvelasquez@my.atafordpas.org

Virtual Credit Recovery

Mrs. E. TurgeonNo Photo
Virtual Credit Recovery
Email: eturgeon@my.atafordpas.org